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Information for our Members

Reciprocal Rights

We enjoy reciprocal rights with the following golf clubs:

Greens Beach Golf Club 6383 9102

St Helens Golf Club 6376 1218

Wynyard Golf Club 6442 2614

Queenstown Golf Club 6471 1164

Deloraine Golf Club 6362 2132

Thirlstane Golf Club 64 286488

Goonawarra Golf Club (Sunbury, VIC) 9744 4344

Mount Beauty Golf Club Victoria 5754 4002

Members of Llanherne are welcome to play at these courses without payment of the usual green fees. Llanherne members may also participate in events conducted by these clubs.

If you intend visiting any of these clubs we suggest you arrange for proof of membership/handicap to present if asked.

In March each year Llanherne conducts an interclub event with Greens Beach Golf Club with the venue alternating each year.

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