Competition Results
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Competition Results

Weekly Results
August 18, 2022

Friday 12/8/22

P. Galligan 24, S. Hayward, M. Hodge 23, prizes down to 19points

N. T. P M. Armstrong, D. Hawks

Wednesday 17/8/22

S. Askey 23, P. Miller 22, I. Latham 20c/b, prizes 18points c/b

N. T. P. W. Quarrell

Thursday 18/8/22

Div 1

G. Grant, F. Weedon 38, J. Goggins 37c/b

Div 2

T. Collins 40, M. Pearce, P. Richardson 37

Prizes down to 33points

N. T. P. 2nd G. Grant, 4th J. Woodroffe, 11th J. Goggins, super pin J. Goggins

Tuesday 16th August
August 16, 2022

18 Holes Monthly Medal

Liz Thorne 65 Nett    

M. Mahony 70  R. Tyson 71 D. Goddard 73

L. Targett  

Gross Winner:
R. Tyson 86 Putts L. Targett 31  

9 Holes Stroke Winner:  
H. Dalton 37

Saturday 13th August
August 13, 2022

Stableford A Grade

37pts J Pregnell on a count back 37pts L Griggs on a count back

37pts D Patten B Grade 39pts M Grant 38pts P Wettenhall 37pts G Dance on a count back C Grade 38pts M Horne

37pts F Kershaw 34pts P Stone on a count back

Prize Winners

37pts D Harrison 36pts T Hall T Jarvis D Earley

35pts R Dyson P Pennington on a count back


2nd D Young 4th B Bannister 13th G Jones 11th R Wall Super Pin

Weekly Restults
August 12, 2022

Friday 5/8/22

B. Mc Shane, G. Hill 22, M. Hodge 21, prizes down to 19points

N. T. P. A. Paul

Sunday 7/8/22

D. Young, H. Dalton 20, prizes down to 18points

Wednesday 10/8/22

M. Geeves 22, G. Davy, P. Lilley 21c/b, prizes down to 18points c/b

N. T. P. B. Mc Shane, G. Geard

Thursday 11/8/22

Div 1

J. Fitzgerald 39, D. Worledge 37, P. Howard 35c/b

Div 2

R. Cram 43, M. Pearce 39, J. Goggins 38

Prizes down to 36points

N. T. P. 2nd  I. Latham, 4th M. Milne, 13th G. Baxter, Super pin M. Modinger

Tuesday 9th August
August 9, 2022

18 Holes Pinehurst:

Nett Winners:
D. Kelly /T. Cameron  64

L. Johanneson /P. Skinner 68       H. Moore-Kelly/W. Cunningham 69    L. Targett/G. Stephens 69.5  

J. Baker/S. Richardson 82

9 Holes Stableford:  

O. Milbourne 17

L. Cengia 15 S. Tringrove 13

H. Dalton  

Saturday 6th August
August 6, 2022

Stroke Monthly Medal

Winner Nett
70 M Clark on a count back

Div 1

72 W Stone

79 D Young

R/U Nett
73 Graham Reid

Div 2

86 G Wisby

R/U Nett
70 R Geeves

Prize Winners Nett
75 J Hodgson 74 G Baxter 73 M Pearce


2nd T North 4th P Pennington 13th T North 11th L Griggs Super Pin

Birdie Hole 17th
No Winner

Weekly Results
August 5, 2022

Friday 29/7/22

C. Barry, P. Doreen 20, H. Dalton 19 c/b

Prizes down to 17 c/b

N . T. P
R. Warren, N. Harwood

Sunday 31/7/22

H. Steele 21, H. Dalton, T. Cracknell 20, P. Lilley 19

Wednesday 3/8/22

R. Wyatt 22, E  longo, J. Shepherd 20c/b

Prizes down to 18points

N. T. P
N. Williams

Thursday 4/8/22

4BBB aggregate

J. Fitzgerald & I. Latham 73, T. Cameron & P. Skinner 72, B. Cram & M. Modinger 71c/b, prizes down to 68points

N. T. P.

2nd P. Skinner, 4th D. Goddard, 13th D. Harrison, Super pin G. Dance

Tuesday 2nd August
August 2, 2022

Silver Spoon Final:

Nett Winner
J. Behrens 64  

L. Thorne 69 . Goddard 71

C/B  H. Steele 71 H. Moore 72 G. Jones 73 C/B  

S. Richardson 83  

Silver Spoon Winner  
J. Baker 75 nett

9 Hole Stroke:
Nett Winner
L. Beard 37

L. Ritson 38

L. Ritson  

L. Beard 14  

Saturday 30th July
July 30, 2022

Pinehurst Nett
61.5 B Simpson N Bennett

66.5 D Parsell L Knott on a count back 66.5 M Milne J Milne

Prize Winners Nett
67 J Squibb B Deardon 67.5 N Williams G Barwick

68 G Quarrell W Quarrell W Stone P Stone D Webber R Martin

68.5 T Shearman B Shearman G Dahl R Geeves D Radcliffe L Hart

69 G Voss S Platt 69.5 F Weedon C Mulligan

NTP 2nd
M Milne

L Griggs

T Pennington

11th Super Pin
J Squibb  

Weekly Results
July 29, 2022

Friday 22/7/22

N. Harwood, P. Cleaver, N. Christie 20c/b

Prizes down to 18points c/b

N. T. P. D. O' Brian

Sunday 24/7/22

D. Young 23, J. Perkins 22, prizes down to 19points

Wednesday 27/7/23

D. Knight 23, K. Joseph 22, A. Woodward 21c/b

N. T. P  A. Paul, G. Strickland

Thursday 28/7/22

Div 1

E. Longo, I. Latham 39, P. Howard 38

Div 2

G. Dahl  42, J. Fitzgerald 38, T. Paprotny 37

Prizes down to 37 points

N. T. P. 2nd E. Longo, 4th P. Grubb, K. Griffith, 11th N. Quarrell

Ladies 26th July
July 29, 2022

Stableford 18 Holes

S. Richardson 39

H. McCrumm B. Moles 38 W. Cunningham 37

D. Goddard G. Foster 36 J, Perkins 35

C/B  Nearest Pin W. Cunningham  S. Ham  

Stableford 9 Holes:

V. Davey 22

L. Ritson 18  L. Beard 17

C/B Nearest Pin
V. Davey

Saturday 23rd July
July 23, 2022

Saturday 23/7/22

A. Grade

J. Rice 40, W. Quarrell 38, G. Whittle 37

B. Grade

S. Collins 42, D. Reid, G. Wisby 37c/b

C. Grade

R. Geeves 41, S. Hayward 40, J. Milne 39

Prizes down to 36points on c/b

N. T. P.

2nd E. Hart, 4th O. Dacy, 13th R. Geeves, 11th ( super pin) G. Whittle

J. Rice eagle on holes  7th and 18th

Weekly Results
July 22, 2022

Friday 15/7/22
P. Miller 21, M. Geeves, C. Pearce 20, prizes down to 18points

N. T. P.
J. Marais, A. Wilson

Sunday 17/7/22

A. Kerslake 22, D. Young, R. Thorne 21, prizes down to 19points

Wednesday 20/7/22

N. Harwood 25, J. Mikulski 21, K. Shepherd 20c/b

Prizes down to 17points c/b

Thursday 21/7/22

Div 1

R. Wilson, A. Herbert, P. Howard 34

Div 2

S. Ham D. Worledge 40, J. Schupp 39, B. West 37

N. T. P.

2nd D. Worledge, 11th J. Heron, 13th G. Dahl, Super pin J. Woodroffe

Ladies 19th July
July 19, 2022

Stroke Silver spoon/Monthly Medal:  

Winner Nett & Monthly Medal :
A. Forward 71  

S. Richardson 72

R. Heron    H. MacCrum 74

L. Hart  Putts H. MacCrumm 29


S. Richardson 82      

Hole in One:  
H. Moore 2nd Hole  

9 Hole: Stableford:

L. Ritson 18  

D. Kelly 17 P. Thomson 14  

Nearest Pin  
D. Kelly

Ladies Tuesday 12th July
July 16, 2022

Barclay Shield Representatives:
P. Skinner & S. Ham - A. Forward & L. Targett  

Winner Foursomes:  
P. Skinner & S. Ham nett 68  

J. King & E. Hart 72.5  A. Forward & L. Targett 73  

9 Hole Winners

M. Fellowes 38 H. Dalton 39 C/B  

V. Davey 58  

L. Beard  19 C/B

Saturday 16th July
July 16, 2022

Stroke Hilton Alomes Trophy

Winner Nett
69 G Quarrell

A Grade Nett
69 G Quarrell Nett R/U 70 M Kent on a count back

Gross 76 G Campbell

B Grade Nett
70 N Bennett

Nett R/U
74 A Mc Guinness on a count back

86 A Rowbottom

C Grade Nett
71 M Clark on a count back

Nett R/U
71 F Kershaw

93 P Byrne

Prize Winners Nett
70 P Pennington 72 G Barwick N Bent 73 G Baxter D Young

Nearest the Pin 2nd
B Bannister

M Smith

M Kent

13th Super Pin
G Baxter

Eagle 18th
J Rice

Weekly Results
July 15, 2022

Friday 8/7/22

P. Stoessiger, W. Quarrell 20, prizes down to 17points

Wednesday 13/7/22

M. Grant, P. Woodham 21, P. Stoessiger 20c/b, prizes down to 17points c/b

N. T. P. C. Perkins, C. Carnes

Thursday 14/7/22

Div 1

T. Lacy, G. Wright 36, A. Forward 35

Div 2

J R Rainbird 37, T. Collins, S. Ham 35

Prizes down to 34points

N. T. P.2nd C. Warren, 11th S. Carter, 13th G. Voss, Super pin P. Harris

Saturday 9th July
July 9, 2022


Div 1
40Pts W Quarrell 38pts D Young

36pts A Paul on a count back

Div 2
39pts S Harris 36pts I Lamb

35pts S Manser on a count back

Prize Winners
36pts D Patten

M Hall W Stone 35pts R Wilson G Whittle N Bennett R Steedman K Shepherd

Nearest the Pin

K Shepherd

N Williams

M Hall

13th Super Pin
W Quarrell

Weekly Results
July 8, 2022

Friday 1/7/22

S. Collidge, P. Galligan, D. Bain 20, prizes down to 17points

N. T. P N. Christie,  S. Collidge

Sunday 3/7/22

J. Moltzen 20, J. Hodgson 19, prizes down to 17points c/b

Wednesday 6/7/22

M. Geeves, R. Wyatt, J. Johnston 22, prizes down to 19points

N. T. P.  R. Clark, T. Polglase

Thursday 7/7/22


J. Tatnell &T. Weldon 47, P. Howard & G. Reid, D. Cook & B. Gott 45 c/b

N. T. P. 2nd P. Pearce, 11th  D. Reid, 13th T. Howell, Super pin B. Bannister

Ladies Tuesday 5th July
July 5, 2022

8 Hole Silver Spoon/President Trophy:

Nett Winner:
S. Richardson 72

J. Baker  

L. Targett 73    L. Johannesen 74

C/B A. Forward  
P. Skinner  74

S. Richardson 82

S. Richardson 28  

9 Hole Stroke:

Nett Winner
H. Dalton 37

P. Thomson 38  S. Tringrove 39

H. McCrum  

P. Thomson 49  

P. Thomson 15

Saturday July 2nd
July 2, 2022

Stroke Monthly Medal


Nett 70 J Rice

A Grade

Nett 70 J Rice Gross 76 B Gott on a count back Nett


71 D Radcliffe

B Grade

Nett 72 A Rowbottom on a count back Gross 85 W Stone Nett


74 G Hayers

C Grade

Nett 73 T Jarvis Gross 97 I Lamb Nett


77 P Burdon on a count back

Prize Winners

Nett 74 D Young R Dyson

Nearest the Pin

2nd W Stone

4th T van der Staay

13th Super Pin

W Stone

Birdie Prize 4th Hole

No Winner

Weekly Results
July 1, 2022

Friday 24/6/22

G. Hill, R. Wilson, M. Geeves 20c/b, prizes down to 17points

N. T. P. P. Galligan

Sunday 26/6/22

J. Long, P. Galligan 18, prizes down to 17points

Wednesday 29/6/22

G. Wisby, L. Green 22, B. Holloway 21c/b, prizes down to 19points

N. T. P. W. Quarrell (eagle), L. Green

Thursday 30/6/22

Div 1

J. Heron 42, A. Turner 38, W. Quarrell 37

Div 2

S. Coollidge 42, G. Voss 41, J. Fitzgerald 37

Prizes down to 34points

N. T. P.

2nd I. Latham, 11th G. Baxter, 13th P. Boreham, super pin J. Woodroffe

Ladies Tuesday 28th June
June 28, 2022


J. King 42

H. Moore 40  M Mahony 39 P. Richardson 37  

P. Thomsom  L. Ritson 36 H. Steele 35 H. McCrum 34    

R. Tyson  L. Hart  

Nearest Pin 0-23  

R, Tyson  

H. Tonks  

9 Hole Stableford:  

S. Tringrove 20  

H. Dalton 17

G. Foster  

Nearest Pin

S. Tringrove

Weekly Results
June 24, 2022

Friday 17/6/22

D. Brown 21, W. Quarrell , K. Joseph 19c/b, prizes down to 18points

N. T. P. W. Quarrell, G. Strickland

Sunday 19/6/22

P. Page 20, A. Kerslake 19, J. Patten 19, prizes down to 17points

Wednesday 22/5/22

R. Bedelph 22, M. Chandler, B. Holloway 21, prizes down to 17c/b

N. T. P  M. Pearce, N. Williams

Thursday 23/6/22

Div 1

W. Quarrell 43, J. Heron 42, B. Gott 39

Div 2

K. Wilson 41, G. Cuthbert 39, R. Heron 39

Prizes down to 36points

Nearest to Pin

2nd J. Heron, 11th M. Williams, 13th B. Carman, super pin G. Baxter and T. Paprotny

Saturday 30th April
April 30, 2022

Ambrose Nett

62.5 M Pearce D Moir B Phillips Gross 68 M Hall G Campbell


Nett 63&5/6 M Clarke Greg Reid Mark Campbell

Prize Winners

Nett 65 T Young P Howard

65.5 L Knott E Knott 66 L Griggs R Wall 66.5 N Williams G Williams 66.75 P Page M Hellinga

67.5 B Bannister G Wright T Pennington A Rowbottom 67.75 G Quarrell A Paul 68 W Stone P Stone

Nearest the Pin

2nd T Young 4th G Campbell G Quarrell 13th Super Pin J Squibb

Weekly Results
April 27, 2022

Friday 22/4/22

M. Campbell 26, G. Geard 21, R. Wilson 20c/b, prizes down to 18points
N. T. P G. Cottier, M. Campbell

Sunday 24/4/22

A. Kerslake 22, T. Cracknell 20

Wednesday 27/4/22

B. Vaux 24, N. Williams 22, M. Hellinga 21c/b, prizes down to 18points
N. T. P. N. Williams, R. Hellessey

April 25, 2022

Stableford Div. 1 H’Cap. 0-17

41pts C Le Fevre 40pts L Warne 38pts D Le Rossignoi

Div. 2 H’Cap 18-54

40pts Greg Reid 39pts C Tomkins 37pts K Griffith

Prize Winners

38pts D Young B Bannister 37pts S Gill 36pts J Fitzgerald B Henry D Quinn 35pts R Henry M Pearce C Mulligan

Nearest the Pin

2nd B Bannister 4th G Wright 11th W Stone 13th M Mahony

Saturday 23rd April
April 23, 2022

Stroke A Grade

Nett 71 D Radcliffe Gross 74 G Quarrell Nett 72 R/Up R Dyson

B Grade

Nett 69 Graham Reid Gross 86 A Rowbottom Nett 72


P Grinstead on a count back

C Grade

Nett 75 T Jarvis Gross 96 P Byrne Nett 76


R Geeves

Prize Winners

Net 72 C Reid73 G Thompson R Wall J Rice

Nearest the Pin

2nd G Campbell 4th M Geeves 11th R Wall 13th D Roberts

Thursday 21st April
April 21, 2022

Stableford Div. 1

42 pts A Barnard 37pts T Weldon 36pts G Thompson

Div. 2

34pts A Hanke D Webber 33pts J Johnston

Prize Winners

36pts M Thomson35pts P Howard P Page J Heron 34pts A Belbin M Hellinga 33pts F Weedon P Pearce

Nearest the Pin

2nd B Barnard 11th M Pearce 13th G Thompson 4th Super Pin J Squibb

Wednesday 20th April
April 20, 2022

R. Hibbert 22, S. Coolidge, T. Beakley 20c/b, prizes down to 18points

N.T.P. B. Phillips

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